Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Louisiana Story

...There used to be a small local theater in Louisiana (I didn't think of it as small at the time, when I was younger and went to it); and upstairs (the balcony) Americans of the darker hue would sit, and downstairs Americans of a much paler hue would sit. I found out yesterday that two brothers, twins, ran the theater, and one was passing for black and the other was passing for white: and that they were light-skinned but presumably of mixed-race parentage. (The passing-as-black brother took care of the upper part of the theater; and the passing-as-white brother took care of the downstairs part.) Isn't that crazy?

...The theater raised its prices and people stopped going and it is no longer functioning as a theater; but, when I passed by it yesterday people were doing some kind of work in its lobby, so something may be planned; restoration or demolishment or transformation...